To give teams that were close to qualifying (losing in the finals) for WPQ one more chance to get into the tournament Greater Seattle APA is holding a Best of the Rest playoff on Memorial Day weekend to fill in the WPQ tournament board.
This tournament is by invitation-only to eligible teams.
The requirements for a player to participate in this tournament are the same as for Tri-Cups. Teams must play with their Spring roster.  In addition, any team with a past due balance will be ineligible unless the past due balance is paid. 
Tournament Structure: 
• Single Elimination team tournament with modified races
• Teams choose 3 players to participate in each match 
• Team races:  8-Ball—best out of 3 matches using the 3-point scoring system; 9-Ball—race to 31 points OR 30 points and 2 wins
• Since the team race is modified the team skill level limit for 3 matches is 14 instead of 23
• In 9-Ball, only 1 senior skill level player (6 or higher) allowed per match 
• No cash payout; qualifying tournament only
• The number of teams qualifying for WPQ via the Best of the Rest tournament in both 8-Ball and 9-Ball will depend on the number of entries and slots available
Tentative schedule:
9-Ball at 9:30; 8-Ball at 2:30 
Venue TBD 

Structure and requirements subject to change