This division is in place for our above-average players who are looking for some tough competition, as well as for players who want to excel their abilities by competing with higher level players.
The Masters Format:
- Players must be an APA Member.
- Maximum of 4 players on a roster.
- Teams may choose any 3 of the 4 team members to participate in each match.
- No Skill Level Limit.
- Follow US Amateur Rules and Format
- Race to 7 (8 games of 9-Ball and 5 games of 8-Ball)
- Players will lag with the winner of lag having choice of game (8-Ball or 9-Ball) or the break. Once the format has been chosen, the entire set of that format must be completed before moving to the next format.
- Player will earn one point for each game won. Team can earn a maximum of 21 points per night.
- Cost is $30 per team per night.
- Coaching is not allowed.
- The use of jump cues is allowed in Masters Division play.