WPC - Qualified

The World’s Largest Pool Tournament


The culmination of weekly APA League play is the 8-Ball World Championship and 9-Ball World Championship, which make up the APA World Pool Championships, held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The Jack & Jill Championship, Ladies 8-Ball Championship, Masters Championship and Team Captains Championship, as well as MiniMania, take place alongside the APA World Pool Championships.

How to get there from here: 
8-Ball and 9-Ball World Championship:  play on a weekly 8-Ball or 9-Ball team and qualify through the World Pool Qualifier in June
Masters Championship:  play on a Masters team and qualify through a tournament in June 
Team Captains Championship:  be a captain of an 8- or 9-Ball team for 2 out of 3 sessions in a pool year (Summer, Fall, Spring), form or join a team of team captains, and qualify through a tournament 
Jack & Jill Championship:  one guy and one gal pair up and qualify through an 8-Ball Scotch Doubles tournament 
Ladies 8-Ball Championship:  3 to 5 ladies form a team and qualify through a tournament