APA Singles Qualifiers

APA members who are currently playing on an active 8-Ball or 9-Ball team, and have attained at least ten League match scores during the past two years in their respective format(s), are eligible to participate in the Singles Program. At the local level, APA members compete on a Local Qualifier Board consisting of four to eight members with one player advancing to regional competition. The local entry fee starts at $20***, and there is no limit on qualifying attempts. Qualifier Board winners advance to the Regional and National levels with no additional entry fee.

If you would like to run a Singles Qualifier Board or would like to see qualifiers held at a specific location, contact Cathy at contact.gsapa@icloud.com or text/call (425) 529-POOL.

 Rules of Participation:
  • Must be on an active roster in the format being played
  • Must have at least ten League match scores during the last two years in the format being played
  • A minimum of 4 players are required to run a Local Qualifier Board
  • Current APA game rules apply
  • No timeouts or coaching is allowed
  • Local Qualifier Boards are Single-Elimination format
  • Each match is a race to skill level (same as league play matches)
  • The Winner of the Board advances to the Regional Qualifier
  • Valid picture I.D. is required to participate at the Local, Regional and National levels of the National Singles Program
There are two qualifying Season Windows during each calendar year:

Season 1:  January 1 – June 15        Winners advance to the Fall Regional in October
Season 2:  June 16 – November 30        Winners advance to the Spring Regional in March

Winners of the Fall & Spring Regional tournaments advance to the National Championship (8-Ball Classic & 9-Ball Shootout) at the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas in April.

A Champion in Each Tier

8-Ball Classic
1st Place in each tier wins $15,000!

Blue TierSkill Levels 2–3
Yellow TierSkill Level 4
Red TierSkill Level 5
Orange TierSkill Level 6
Purple TierSkill Level 7

9-Ball Shootout
1st Place in each tier wins $10,000! 

Green TierSkill Levels 1–3
White TierSkill Levels 4–5
Gray Tier (new!)Skill Levels 6–7
Black TierSkill Levels 8–9

*Paid lodging based on single occupancy and travel assistance
**Over $600,000 Cash and Prizes.
***Entry starts at $20 per person, based on an 8-person board. Boards with less than 8 people will vary in cost ($22 to $40 per person).