Aloha 8


Playing in an Aloha division is a fun, new way to qualify for WPQ AND to win a trip to Hawaii in February!

• Format is 8-Ball Open. 
• Minimum 7 players, maximum 8 players per team. 
• Teams must play in an Aloha Division for 2 sessions prior to the tournament that decides who wins up to $10,000 in travel assistance to Hawaii. 
• Winning team plays in the Aloha Challenge at Hawaiian Brian's in Oahu. 
• Click here to see the rules for the Aloha Challenge.
• Payout is based on at least 12 Aloha teams.   
• Team fees are $80 per match. 
• All APA rules apply. 
Click here to see the local Aloha Session Rules 
• Subject to change.